Amanda Vanity

Posted By Jueri Svjagintsev on May 24, 2015

Here’s a nice one.



My customer needed a wall hung vanity. There are a million of them out there so why take a custom route; color, quality, specific size and so on, plus they had just done a custom tile shower and it was thru seeing photos of that job which brought me to using the 3D aluminum tile that is being used for the drawer fronts.


Here’s the CAD rendering:


The tile comes supplied in 12X12” squares with aluminum extrusions glued onto what appears to be a nylon mesh. After going back and forth with tile people about what kind of mastic to use I gave up and went for good ole PL. This however was urethane modified PL and if anyone has used urethane glues they know they expand as they dry. This was good because the PL mushroomed around the mesh and also captured the little legs at the bottom of the aluminum extrusions.




So, I glued them to 1/2” veneer core maple ply. The voids at the ends were filled with a concrete repair caulk. Being inset drawers those ends would rarely be seen, but for a lot of fuss they could be filled with wood strips during glue up, being ever so careful to keep glue off the aluminum faces, or one could frame the tiled faces, oh, but then because they vary in height, probably not!




Being a custom piece why not make it all functioning drawers, 6 of them, damn the plumbing! This is why the drawers have those cut outs.



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