Posted By Jueri Svjagintsev on Feb 3, 2014

Bids and more bids. Will one of these come thru? How about some CAD drawings—anyone need a CAD drawing?

Aluminum Tiled Mirror. Tha actual tile looks much, much better.

Zebra Mirror - Version 2 (1)

Ten foot Media Credenza with sad choice of pulls.

Wilder-Abet-Blu Gray - Version 2

Polar Vortex Aquarium Stand with Block of Frozen Fish.

Erin's Stand-Contout - Version 2

Arizona Sun Picnic Table

Ramada-Lt Lo - Version 2

Big Likeable Nightstand

Caroline Night-¾ Rt - Version 2

Jetson's Computer Office

Chad Office - Version 2

Tiresome Pink Granite

Texas Pink C 

Misproportioned Cherry Table

 Cherry Circle Table A - Version 2

Most of these are provisional, not fully developed and drawn quickly for bidding purposes.

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