Clock Case Restoration

Posted By Jueri Svjagintsev on Feb 13, 2012

We're waiting for the weather to warm before moving on with the doors, but here's a little restoration project. This clock case, seen in the background, is in pitiful shape so we're doing a new one, but the "original" is itself a reproduction as the actual original was made of stone. Our customer wants a wood one. The sander is a Nitto in-line sander which is great for sanding out the bandsaw cuts and also sanding them out with the grain.


The little moldings are going to be easier to do by hand. For this I'm grinding a custom cutter for the scratch stock.
The stock, if sharpened properly, works like a cabinet scraper, we are using Iron Age, and maybe earlier, technology. Actually, that guy looks like he's from the Stone Age.


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