Clock Case Restored-Door Handles

Posted By Jueri Svjagintsev on Mar 12, 2012

Mara has finished the clock case repair. Our customer is getting quite a bargain for the insanely low price we're charging.

The Twin Wall is installed in the doors, the glass is on order. Meanwhile we are making handles out of aluminum flat stock and some rosewood scrap, if one can call any rosewood "scrap". These are about as simple as one can get. I think it works just right with this project, although we can play with lots of variations, in fact our test piece probably looked better, but that's the way it goes. Perhaps we'll make a revision.

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  1. The clock had its pores filled, sealed with shellac,  2 coats of reddish paint, then stippled with a orange color,  glazed with umber,  veined with black glaze, 2 coats of shellac with burnt umber and then two coats of sprayed satin finish. I have done granite, malachite. This was my first attempt at marble. It was fun making the breakdown of process and then seeing it take shape.

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