Credenza Done

Posted By Jueri Svjagintsev on May 16, 2013

Here are some photos of the completed (minus the marble top) credenza. It looks bottom heavy without the top, but maybe I'll get a few shots later that include the top. 

And, while I had my doubts, The piece as a whole is pretty impressive. The colors are multiple layers deep so it's really rich and variegated looking. Mara used up to 5 different treatments; stains, sealers, glazes, top coats. 

Breedlove-Finished-No Top 6

Breedlove- Finished-No Top 17


Breedlove- Door Onlay Detail


Breedlove-Mara Finishing


  1. There were a whole bunch of crevices in that piece! Getting a stain that stained the composite the same as the wood and  also did not blotch up on the alder made me go into uncharted waters in regards to the material that I used. It was a lot more work than I anticipated. Like that never happened before.

  2. No dear, that never happens, hahaha.

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