Credenza with Composites

Posted By Jueri Svjagintsev on Mar 31, 2013

Here's a new project.
This credenza, designed by Tony Kramer is to fit into a niche. This will be the first time I am using composition appliqués or "onlays" manufactured by Decorator's Supply (video here). 

Cheesy? I don't know, this type of decoration has been going on for at least 100 years and longer if one considers the plaster medallions of Renaissance ceilings. These particular onlays are made of sawdust and hide glue, to apply them you steam them over a steam table which activates the glue and then press them into position. I have to say it's also the first time I've had to cut miters in the structural equivalent of spaghetti. If you try this do not do so with the expectation of accuracy. This seems like an industry ready for some 3D printing, no?

Some photos: 
Breedlove cabinet

A linear compo being steamed for a molding.

Breedlove  Appliques 72013-03-29

Breedlove  Appliques 52013-03-29

These door blanks will also have compo in the interior field… after we cut to size and do some Quality control.

Breedlove Door Appliques 32013-03-31

The seams are pretty good but will obviously take some handwork to fair the carvings.

Breedlove Door Appliques 22013-03-31


  1. hi     well done ,  they look really good did you cast them yourself if so great job. i am finding it difficult to find what i need for a project how did you get on with the compo ? is it easy to manage, as i need to buy some but dont know where from yet.

                                                                    regards  Dotti

  2. I got the composites from this company:¬† The total cost for this project was about $1200.00 for the composites. At their site they have a video showing how to apply them, it’s not hard, but¬†cutting the miters and getting the patterns to match at returns is time consuming. The composites have a lot of variation, not so much in pattern but in thickness and width. I don’t think I’d use them on a piece that had a clear finish.¬†

    I’ve got some left over and may use them on another project, possibly painted or maybe with gold leaf.

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