Posted By Jueri Svjagintsev on Dec 3, 2012

I thought I'd try out CustomMade, so far no luck, but it certainly has helped in brushing up my bids. And I'm slowly putting up bits of my portfolio on their site.

This is odd looking device is a drip coffee holder, the cones fit on top and the cups below and here it uses a commercial drip tray, aluminum, stainless, and sipo.
Below, a rough sketch for a 5' X 5' painted table that I decided not to pursue. The buyer wanted the tops to lift up like a school desk and to have 12" of depth to the space under the lids, it would have had to be a stand-up worktable height. It's drawn at 6" of depth.
This one is a variant on a longer rectangular table that the buyer liked, it needs a lot of work with the proportions, everything seems off, but these were all rough idea sketches meant to see if there was interest.
This is one I'd really like to do, with maybe a little more shape to the legs and the arch piercing the lower rail… maybe.


  1. Hi there, just curious how CustomMade is treating you now that you have been there for awhile longer?!



  2. I’ve done a number of bids in thru their system and am currently building a door for a job which was found on their system. I’ve got no problems with CustomMade and consider the 10% fee the equivalent to a “finders fee” where 10% is standard. I’ve known art galleries that will take far more, sometimes even more than what the artist gets. They’ve been very helpful when I run into problems like getting payments sorted out, I don’t take credit cards—I don’t have a retail outlet so I never needed one— and they’ve now instituted a payment system where things are run in house. I haven’t tried it yet but the point is that they are dedicated, innovative, and so far, fair. My main problem with the whole notion is that shipping costs tend to kill my bids, but for someone making jewelry or say, small boxes, it wouldn’t be a hinderance.

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