Peterson Oval

Posted By Jueri Svjagintsev on Feb 21, 2012

Blasted glass, Aluminum, Lacewood, and Plexiglas accents. The TV is faked, it looked wrong without it when we took the shot.

Peterson Oval



  1. Reminds me of the 'ol 21" Zenith floor console my Dad bought back in the mid sixties when color was breaking onto the scene, only a lot nicer! You don't see TV cabinets like this…beautiful.

  2. I remember those, now our computer monitors are that size, and bigger.

  3. Lovely work.  So get back to work and make some more.  Does Mara help you?  No grossness here.  My daughter is in forensic anthropology at TSU and does work at the "Body Farm."  I have road kill buried in my back yard that needs to be processed.  Seen lots of what others think gross.  The worms get me.  I had hand surgery "Deque Vein syndrome.
     Not sure of spelling, but interesting.  A seamtress came up with the way to fix it.  Better known as "washer woman's syndrome."  She told some surgeon to make a "dart"–seamtress term in the wrist and it has been used ever since.  She probably didn't make a dime from it. Ha.

  4. EEEK, no worms on me… yet. Yes Mara helps, in fact she has her own business doing repairs, restoration and finishing.

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