Skeleton Cabinet

Posted By Jueri Svjagintsev on Jan 16, 2012



So here's the idea. This is for the "new" 1996 Ford I bought to replace my dear old '81 Ford road warrior. This is storage along the side walls.

The rods function both as places to hang stuff from or keep things behind bars, you can let them stick out thru the bulkheads or cut them to fit only one section or anything in between. The rods (galvanized electrical conduit) also serve to hold the front edge of a shelf. The next rod up from the rod holding the shelf can function as a bar to keep most things from rolling and falling off the shelf.

The glued on strips are for the the location of permanent shelves which will help stiffen the whole thing as it's built out of light 1/2 inch Russian Birch ply. The differences in height are due the protruding of the rear wheel well. There are tee nuts in some locations so you can screw in hooks or whatever. 

One drawback to this whole design is that each shelf's depth is dependent on it's location. So, the further up you go the narrower your shelf is, but look at it this way; you all have adjustable shelves, right? You use the adjustable feature once or twice, you live with your choice and get on with it. Also for me, having a shop, cutting a size is too easy and the material is most likely in the scrap pile.

This would be a good job for a CNC machine, easy to make and also very amenable to flat packing for shipping. 

One side installed. Some of the rods slide to capture or release stored junk, some are fixed with a set screw. 



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