Small Job via CustomMade.

Posted By Jueri Svjagintsev on Dec 16, 2012

I did manage to score a small job via CustomMade.

I have to say that didn't go as smoothly as anticipated for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the company that I ordered the stainless drip tray sat on the order for 5 days before shipping it, then when tracking said it had been delivered to my location it hadn't. It was lost. Phone calls, emails, driving around the neighborhood ensued but it didn't show up until later that evening when people returned for work and discovered the package. Not such a big deal, except this was a rush job with a deadline. Dealing with CustomMade was mostly without incident except that they want to keep all communication going thru their site. This makes emails between the customer and the maker slow and tedious while a simple phone call can resolve a change or define a problem in short order. Again, not such a big deal unless it's a time critical situation. Still, this is a job I wouldn't have had without using their services.  As it stands I've missed the deadline, the piece is finished on time but the delivery will take a day or two. Here are some shots.

This shot below was provided by the customer who wanted to buy the restaurant's existing version.

Here's my version. The one actually built has some modifications.

At one point I thought O rings installed at the contact point was going to be a nice solution for chippy mortises and a nice finishing touch, but there wasn't time to mill the grooves for something that wasn't a sure bet. Below you can see what an O ring might have looked like, umm, minus the blood.

The mortises are actually very clean but did need some paring. 



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