Do You Do Tubs?

Posted By Jueri Svjagintsev on Apr 17, 2012

My web page designer says I need to keep posting in order to keep the search engines happy. Don't we all? Henceforth I will use that excuse.

The question was asked: "Do you do tubs?"
Answer: "OK."
So, here is an old 'take out" bathtub made of cultured marble, which is basically marble dust and resin. It's discolored over the years to a familiar but unsavory yellow. Mara has gone thru the various grits to sand the yellowed gel coat off, but not all the way off, in fact, it now has a patinated and aged look which is very nice because it's not the squeaky stark sanitary white which one expects. The tub will be sprayed with a catalyzed urethane topcoat to keep it from getting stains.
The Eames chair has been disassembled and the aluminum polished, but the project is on hold pending new upholstery.
What else is going on in the shops? 
I'm still fiddling around with that chunk of glass and have now probably gone rogue, but it's Mara's fault. Here is "Wood Descending a Staircase", referring of course to Marcel Duchamp's famous "Nude Descending a Staircase". 
And, we've got a cabinet to refit. My customer bought a pair of these MDF wall units at an amazingly low price from a cabinet shop that was closing, a scenario that is too common. Anyway, it needs doors installed, some doors made, crown molding extended, and shelving installed, and we may go with some textured glass for some of the doors. Here is Mara evaluating the project.

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