They Do Go BOING

Posted By Jueri Svjagintsev on Jul 25, 2012

Mara does some of the most intriguing finishes on abused and thrown away furniture. I've seen her turn a rotted MDF case into a piece of art.

Here's Mara:
Well, I am working on my new work table. I did rescue from Jueri's Dad's shop an old ugly painted oak file cabinet that had seen many better days, and some broken "Danish modern" mahogany legs. I decided to marry them in a blissful union. It took a lot of pressure, and clamps, and toxic chemicals, and other jive hanging in the shop.  I took Jueri's idea of using spring door stops for handles… (Thank you, Jueri). I decided to leave some paint "mustaches" on the drawer faces. I like humorous furniture and I like to retain evidence of the past. There is damage that I accentuated with black pore fill all over. Everything has to be done quickly and cheaply (free)…those are the rules.
While I work, I can hear Jueri's dad (Jueri Sr.) echoing in the background: "ON da WAY".  Say it with a heavily accented lilt and it will make you smile and imagine it coming from the roof, attic, or some odd closet. His other favorite saying was "Busy Boy; Happy Boy".  Jueri has a sand-blasted sign immortalizing the family maxim that is somewhere in his shop. I miss Jueri Juerivitch #5.  -Mara


  1. That is very stylish. I love the boing things. Such talent. I am in awe.
    Félicitations !!!!

  2. How groovy is that?

  3. Thanks guys. It was fun. It will be used for housing different odd blocks of wood that I use for glue ops. Dad would be glad.

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