Tiny Table

Posted By Jueri Svjagintsev on May 16, 2012

Here's a nice little furniture project. This tiny table, only 18 inches tall, is designed to fit between two low slung wicker chairs and to be used to put tea cups and snacks on. The top oval is a removable tray with the lower trays being pull out shelves. The bottom of the trays will likely be laminated with Abet Laminati's rice paper "formica" that I have left over from another project if I can find it.

The finished piece will have much thinner oval railings and possibly a brass banding inserted, maybe some of this stuff.  Another change I'm thinking about making is to make the side rails into vertical spindles and doing something other than stock looking tapered legs. The piece is small and playful enough to get me to make changes and decisions on the fly. Maybe, just maybe, I can get Mara to weave a simple pattern out of thin wood strips for a panel… Like this, it would go with the wicker chairs:
In other news, I'm getting a lot of requests for cabinets. Now cabinets are not my usual fare as I prefer making furniture, but these are looking interesting and the designer is all over the idea of using unusual materials, plus, no one seems to be ordering furniture these days. One of these days some of these bids will come thru. Mara is handling a large amount of restoration bids so we are both in the office punching calculators.

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