About Us

Deep Eddy West, formerly Deep Eddy Studios, has been designing and fabricating furniture for individuals, design firms, architects and institutions since 1983.

In 1994 Deep Eddy West formed a sister company which specializes in reproduction and conservation, Deep Eddy Designs. In this capacity we have, and continue to work extensively with the State Preservation Board reproducing and restoring furniture for the Texas State Capitol.

While we build primarily out of wood we don’t consider ourselves purists and are always on the lookout for new materials and techniques and will use them if we believe they are honest, add value to the piece and fall within the budget.  Metal laminates, aluminum,  glass beads, linoleum and found objects are among these. The techniques used in these projects involve lamination, steam-bending, carving, turning, chemical staining and of course the standard woodworking skills.

Most of our clients have a specific design in mind when they contact us and this results in a portfolio as varied as our clientele.  We collaborate with some of the most talented artisans in the Austin area.  We believe that being able to work within a network of trusted, highly skilled artisans is an advantage for our customers. 

Deep Eddy provides a range of services, from design work to repair. Often our customers will hire us exclusively for our design ideas and CAD drawings or sometimes only for technical know-how.  Call us today for more information about our services, designs and products.  It would be our pleasure to work on a customized project for you.


Deep Eddy West
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