White Pine Shelves

Posted By Jueri Svjagintsev on Mar 27, 2013

Well, I should catch up a bit. The white shelves; Mara had to do most of the work, but I did provide a running commentary. Many thanks to Mara, Marilyn, and Andrew Immer of More Than A Carpenter (FB link here).

For pine shelves this job came out rather well, and the time spent milling 1-½ yellow pine down to 1-1/8 sure makes it look a step above the typical ¾ inch thickness. During installation we almost got away with making this an installation without moldings but a uneven ceiling nixed that. Still, it looks very clean and crisp.

Here are some shots:

Nice white

Not exactly a lady size router, Mara is using the Festool rail system to cut the dados— dados which we weren't planning on doing, but the wood's wonkyness made it the right thing to do… at no extra cost, people!

Mara-Route dados

The top unit is partially built and we are triple checking measurments to kill installation headaches, if any, now. 

Top Unit Being Built


Andrew Shelves, Painted Unit

Ta Da.


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